Brittni Paiva is a multi award winning ukulele instrumentalist from Hilo, Hawaii.  She began her journey with piano lessons at the age of four.  In the subsequent years, Brittni has picked up the drums, bass, guitar as well as countless other instruments.  When Brittni was 11, she picked up the ukulele, and that became her passion.  Now at 26 years of age, Brittni has produced a total of 5 CD's, and is now working on her 6th CD which is slated to be released in 2015.  One of Brittni's goals when it comes to creating music with the ukulele is to apply it to non traditional genres, and to play music that will enlighten people and make them smile.  From pop, alternative, to now EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Brittni transforms the ukulele and endeavors to make it front and center.  Brittni has also pioneered the looping technique when applied to the ukulele, as you can see in some of her YouTube videos.  As far as Brittni's future plans, she would like to build her own studio and help up and coming ukulele players get their first CD produced.  Brittni is working towards performing at festivals like EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), UMF (Ultra Music Festival) and similar events. 


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